The CT3 Race Team is comprised of competitive endurance athletes who strive to accomplish individual race goals that are grounded in and reinforced by the established traditions of our sports and the confidence of becoming better at what we do with every starting line we cross. Read more »
Based in the DC Metro Area, we are trained individually by Taneen Carvell / Coach T - 6 time Ironman Finisher and 14 time Boston Marathon qualifier - and united in the atmosphere of team support and determination that is the result of each athlete’s passion and dedication.

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Team Performance

Training Through Trying Times

We are all setting into a new week of social distancing, closed facilities, the need to stay at home whenever possible, appreciating those on the front lines who do have to keep working so we have the basics needed at home base, finding ways to care for those most vulnerable –– and staying sane in… Read more »

Race Report: Ironman Arizona

Ironman Arizona 2017 was an amazing experience. I started focusing on this race more than year ago and I am thrilled at the result. My only struggles came during the run and I am very happy with how I rallied and overcame the difficulties to finish well. As “A” races go, Ironman Arizona 2017 was… Read more »

Race Report: Boston Marathon

I had planned this trip for a couple of months, I considered Boston as the Mecca for all runners, a privileged given to the toughest, and fastest of all, a race you can only dream of. That is why when two of my best friends—Alan and Nathan—were planning on running, I wanted to go and… Read more »


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Life Under the Red Visor


Embrace The Journey and the Rain!

It’s MCM week and a lead in to other big Fall races – NYC, Richmond and beyond! Long post but if you are one checking the forecast for this weekend or fretting about the race to come – join in for a good read. I’ve started to see a flood of posts about rain. Great… Read more »

Brrrring it on Winter!

It’s not until I stood in 14 degree weather without my hand warmers that I realized I was due for my annual posting on what not to wear — or more accurately — what TO wear and do when winter blows in like a polar bear! Here are my 10 favorite. Random in order but… Read more »

Hot Topics Taken to the Airwaves

Anyone coached by me knows I’m full of random bits of running and triathlon information.  For all the years, experience, training, racing, and coaching I’ve done – there aren’t many topics I haven’t addressed.  So when I was asked to speak to two popular running topics – I was more than willing! But wait… live? … Read more »

4 Years and 4 Students Ago…

As the CT3 website launches the next phase of adventures for me and all the athletes I get the honor of working with — I can’t help but reflect on what an amazing four years its been getting here. Anyone that has ventured into the world of running and triathlon – or any such life… Read more »