Embrace The Journey and the Rain!

It’s MCM week and a lead in to other big Fall races – NYC, Richmond and beyond! Long post but if you are one checking the forecast for this weekend or fretting about the race to come – join in for a good read.

I’ve started to see a flood of posts about rain. Great suggestions, panic, dread and the like. So I’m going to offer my take on MCM and other such fall temperature marathon races after running 23 of them and standing at Mile 25.5 in every type of weather for the last 9 years to offer my #CoachTSays advice!


1. The temperatures this weekend look spot on for an awesome day. 50s to start means it won’t be soooo cold you’ll overdress early on and regret it at Mile 10. And 65s as a high means that even if you did — you won’t really be in as much trouble otherwise. Key now and always is layers. Bring a sweatshirt to shed at the start line but shorts and a t-shirt or even a long sleeve are awesome for the rest of the time.

** KEY??? GLOVES to keep your hands warm early on as they take the brunt of the cold. If they are warm and happy the rest of your body will be as well no matter how little else you are wearing.

2. If there is a threat of rain — REJOICE!! Why? I can 100% guarantee that is better than 80 degrees and no shade as you cross the 14th Street Bridge which is what is most often the case after a chilly morning start at MCM. I know. I’ve been there.

3. Humidity is your silent killer. Sounds ominous but it’s true. If it’s threatening rain – the humidity rises and that is what sucks the life out of you even when you can’t feel it. Solution? No. Not water. But water — and salt. And electrolytes!! Gatorade. Salt Tabs. Or my favorite — enduralytes. You’ve got to keep your electrolytes balanced and that is the first to go when the humidity takes over.

4. You won’t melt. Unlike the wicked witch…once you are wet — you are wet. Let it go and forge on! Yes, keep dry before the start with trashbags and the like. But really, a good pair of socks and a visor (or hat only if you are used to wearing one) to keep your eyes dry and that is that. Well, okay – again with the gloves too which I will say — don’t ditch too early because you might need them later if the rain takes hold. Get wet, run, and just avoid the big puddles — but laugh when you step in them anyway like you did when you were little and move on!

5. And last but not least — embrace the day. That is what endurance racing is all about. You can’t control the weather but you can control the smile on your face. You’ve done the work. What you need to do is be proud for getting to the start line, take out the music and talk to your fellow runners — which will be crucial so you hear the call of the amazing wheelchair and hand cycle racers coming up behind you– believe in your training, and enjoy the journey!!

See you at Mile 25.5 — YOU’VE GOT THIS!!

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