About CT3

The CT3 Team is comprised of competitive endurance athletes who strive to accomplish individual race goals that are grounded in and reinforced by the established traditions of our sports and the confidence of becoming better at what we do with every starting line we cross. CTR Team members are those focused more specifically on the run side of endurance. They too are individually coached but unite as a team in support to their individual and shared training demands. The CT Energy Zone program allows new and advanced runners to tailor their participation to best suit their training goals and life demands.

Want to join but live too far out of town? There is an online option available within the CT3/CTR program as well!

Below is an outline of what is provided in support to each athlete’s goals and needs:

  • CT3 Endurance Training Program
  • CTR Training Program (Running)
  • CTE Energy Zone Options
  • CT Consult Session

Though CT3 triathletes compete in all distances of triathlon throughout the season, individual coaching is offered in support to those whose primary race focus is on 70.3 or 140.6 distances. The training is tailored to support needed attention in each primary discipline and the key ingredient of quality and balance in scope the broader demands of triathlon and life as we know it. Coach supported track workout weekly, group training sessions, and other training resources are included to further support the individual program and one on one coaching provided.

CT3 Member Rate (Triathlon / Endurance Focus):
Includes detailed daily swim, bike, run, cross training, email communication, coached track workout, weekend group run, organized group rides, and 1 individual consult every 2 months and as race planning requires.  Space is limited.  Contact Coach T to secure your spot and learn more about our triathlon coaching team options.

CTR is tailored to those with full on love of running. Athletes are coached individually with training plans that share in weekly structure but are tailored to each athlete’s race calendar respectfully.  Coach supported track sessions and a weekend group run included. For those who have been in club programs and are considering a more focused approach, this is a great transition toward that individual attention that will help hone in your running and bring out new goals you had not yet considered.

Feel like you are runner on the edge of venturing into certain elements of swimming or cycling but not quite the big leap to the full trio? Then likely the CTR Expanded is right for you. This plan also covers those who want individual coaching online but don’t get the benefit of onsite coaching at track and weekend events.

CT E-Zone Training is a new program tailored to those in the metro DC area who are looking for a great group to train with, a coach to learn from, and the flexibility to select the program elements to take part in.  Join for 3 months or 3 years.   Payment is made through easy automated monthly payments. There is a 30 day cancellation notice but no limits to the energy you will find in these tailored programs otherwise.

E-Zone 1: CT Weekend Run Program 
Join Coach T and a wide range of runners and triathletes taking on their needed weekend run. If you have a training plan and/or just need people to run with, this is for you!

  • Run is held every Sunday in Georgetown (free parking)
  • 8am start time from December through March, 7am from April to November
  • Run distances range from 5 miles to 22 miles every weekend
  • Paces range from 7 min pace to 13 min pace
  • Pacing partners are connected through Coach T to help ensure company

E-Zone 2:
CT Track Time
Nothing better than a Coach T track workout!

  • Weekly track workout led by Coach T & Coach Lloyd
  • Held at two locations each week year round
    • 6am Wednesdays at Washington Lee High School in Arlington, VA
    • 6am Thursdays at Wilson High School in Washington, DC
    • All track participants follow the same workout with modifications
      made due to race schedule, run level, and injuries as needed

E-Zone 3: CT E1/E2 Combo Back 
Can’t decide between E-Zone 1 or 2? Then tackling both is for you!

COACH T CONSULT SESSION   1 hour session
Not sure what to race this season? Scared but ready to take to the longer distance and just not sure where to start? Stuck in a rut and needing a new sense of direction or motivation? Challenged by how to train and still have a life? All these questions and more are just the topics Coach T can help you hone in on and set you into the months of training ahead with clearer vision and excitement!

Ready to jump in and join? Want a consult session before you begin? Signing up is just a click away! For further information or to address any questions you might have,
email Coach T directly at: taneen@coachtrally.com!