Hot Topics Taken to the Airwaves

Anyone coached by me knows I’m full of random bits of running and triathlon information.  For all the years, experience, training, racing, and coaching I’ve done – there aren’t many topics I haven’t addressed.  So when I was asked to speak to two popular running topics – I was more than willing!

But wait… live?  On the radio?!!  Oh hey.  This is a new one for me.  I love to entertain a crowd of eager runners at o’ dark 6am in the morning or help an athlete conquer a training set back with wit and wisdom.  But to speak out to the masses without seeing their faces and reactions?  To talk slowly and deliberately so it translates effectively in this medium of audio translation?  Did I not mention I don’t like talking on the phone for just this reason?

But to get the chance to help those out of reach from my local perch with questions that so many ponder – I decided it was worth the venture.  Besides, I got to share in the experience with two amazing women, Michelle King Robson and Dr. Pam Peeke (who just happens to be one of my athletes!)– on HER Radio on

Below are links to the podcasts in part to the topics covered in two separate interviews:  The Best Pre/Post Workout Meals and How Different Running Surfaces Affect Your Body.  I can’t say I’ve listened to them myself — who likes to hear themselves talk right?  But rumor has it they provide the Coach T tips and insights worth the ten minute listen.  I mean who doesn’t want to learn what ‘orange comfy joy’ a track surface can be!

My thanks to Michelle, Dr. Pam Peeke, and the wonderful community of / RadioMD for the fun this new media format proved to be and the chance to bring my insight and information out to those I couldn’t reach otherwise.

Rally and radio on!


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